Work Remotely at a Modern Monastery

My name is Toby Sola and I am an entrepreneur and avid mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and researcher. I would like to announce an exciting program from the Center for Mindful Learning in Johnson, VT.

The premise of the program is simple — if you can do your work from home, why not make your home in a modern monastery? You’ll get to keep earning your paycheck while conquering delusion in the company of people up to the same game. Or, as Shinzen Young recently said when CML told him about the program, “do your work while doing the Work.”

The goal of CML’s Monastic for a Month coworking experience is to nurture the cross-pollination of meditation and your professional vision. The cornerstone of the experience is a series of workshops that focus on how to seamlessly integrate your mindfulness practice with your work in order to create a powerful and loving flow of energy previously known as you. The experience has four components: one-on-one mindfulness instruction, community living, mindfulness and work integration workshops, and ample time to continue your regular work projects.

This is a full-time and intensive program. And we mean intense. The accommodations are spartan, the food is simple, the wake-up is early, and the expectations for practice are high. This is not a Bed and Breakfast with some meditation thrown in, this is a monastery where our highest commitment is to deep contemplative practice. This program is also highly selective. We only have space for three coworkers in our pilot program. We are looking specifically for individuals committed to taking their meditation practice to the next level.

Please read more about our program here and feel free to email with questions or to set up a phone conversation.