Workshop with Judson Brewer

Working with Uncertainty: Getting Hooked, and Stepping out of Habit Loops
Online course
Dates: Apr 24, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020
Days:** Fri evening, 2 sessions Saturday, Sunday morning

Instructor(s): Judson Brewer, Robin Boudette
We are in unprecedented times. We have all lost some part of our lives, even if simply our regular routines. Our minds naturally move toward helping us survive, yet if we don’t know how they work, we can easily slip into behaviors and habits that perpetuate suffering rather than help us collectively move forward together.

For example, fear is a normal human response to danger, yet when coupled with uncertainty, can spin into anxiety and panic. Frustration and anger can easily flare-up in unfamiliar situations, causing us to disconnect. Knowing how our minds work helps us work with them so that we don’t get caught in samsaric habit loops; we can use whatever circumstances we are given to grow, connect, and flourish together.

details: Barre Center for Buddhist Studies