Accessing PTI Course Documents for Shrewsbury, MA April 5-13

(Cos Raimondi) #1

I have been unable to find where to access the following course documents for the PTI: MBSR Curriculum Guide 2017 Final, Giving and Receiving Teach Feedback, MBI-TAC Domains,Intentions and Skillful Means, Revised Yoga Poses, MBSR Standards of Practice.
I was also looking for Jon Kabat-Zinn’s “The Origins of MBSR and the Trouble With Maps.”

(Priyadarshi Khare) #2

Hi Cos,

Are these some of the documents you are looking for?


(Cos Raimondi) #3

Hello Khare,

Thank you very much. These are some of the documents listed that we are to print which, thanks to you, I have done (or am doing as I ran out of ink).

There are 3 other documents listed:
Giving and Receiving Teach Feedback
Intentions and Skillful Means
Revised Yoga Poses.

Did you find those documents on this website or are they copies from when you either took or taught the PTI?

Thanks again.


(Priyadarshi Khare) #4

Hi Cos,

No problem. I’m just a student, so I never took the PTI. I just googled for the docs you were looking for and found these.

Maybe someone who has access to the other docs can post links here.


(Cos Raimondi) #5

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Can’t thank you enough.

(Priyadarshi Khare) #6

Hi Cos,

No problem. Hope you had a nice weekend.

I also found these two videos from Rebecca Crane on MBI:TAC (16 minutes) (1hour)


(Maite Loguercho) #7

Kabat-Zinn, Some Reflections on the Origins of MBSR.PDF (148.7 KB)

HI Cos!
I can help you with this document, I don’t know where we could find the others ( “Giving and receiving teach feedback” “Intentions and skillful means”), did you find them?
Hope you do,
See you

(michael robinson) #8 (4.7 MB)

Hi Cos I think this is everything


(Cos Raimondi) #9

Mike, thanks a bunch. I finally did find them, but the list you have had a few things that were not on mine. I appreciate it.

I assume that I will be meeting you at the PTI?

Maite, I hope that you found all of these documents. When I saw your email, I couldn’t figure out where I put them! (I need an imogee here.) Thanks to you also and look forward to meeting you.


P.S. I don’t deserve to have a computer.

(michael robinson) #10

No prob look forward to meeting you on the 5th

(linda pountney) #11

Does anyone have the Revised Yoga Poses document?
Many thanks and I look forward to meeting all pf you.

(Cos Raimondi) #12

Here they are in case you have not found them yet.

Revised Yoga Pose Pages.doc.pdf (551 KB)

(Carrie Kelly) #13

Thank you so very much!

(Carrie Kelly) #14

Thank you so much for asking Cos! I too was struggling to find some of these documents.

Much gratitude to those who responded!