Electives for Certification


I am looking to complete an elective program as a requirement for certification. I had to cancel attendance to Mind-Body Medicine. I now don’t see that program or Heart of the Matter posted for dates. I am wondering if there are plans to open electives this year. Thank you so much.


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I would like to stay connected to this conversation and especially when the next Mind-Body Medicine class comes up.
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Hi, all,

We know this is a challenge right now. We don’t have programs announced that fulfill the elective requirement. We are working on this, and will announce courses that meet this, as soon as we’re able. Please stay tuned.

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Hi Margaret,
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Hi Margaret, is it possible to take an elective elsewhere and apply it towards the certification? Thanks, Ginny

Yes, I just checked with Jean and the “First, Do No Harm” workshop at UCLA counts as an elective toward Oasis MBSR certification.

Thank you. I’ve registered for the program.