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I reached out to someone who helps with website content and have been listening to podcasts on how to market services. It seems to be a common theme that they encourage marketing to an “idea customer.” I must say that I don’t like this approach as I think so many people could benefit from mindfulness. That being said, I wonder if using this strategy can be helpful in the short run to gain more visibility. Does anyone out there know what the market research says about who is most likely to sing up for a mindfulness-meditation class?

I signed up for a free course online on how to attract more folks to my site and here is what my first Homework assignment was…

Brainstorm who your ideal client is, and write it down once you’ve got it crystallized into one to three short sentences.

For example, “My ideal client is a female age 20-40 in the greater Charlotte, NC area. She is single or married, has 2-3 children, and is deeply concerned with the health of her family and the health of the environment. She chooses only all natural food, skin care, and beauty products and is always staying on top of the latest news and trends in natural health.”

After you’re done you’ll have a super clear idea of who it is that you’re trying to reach.

Not so sure I am going to try to create an avatar for my idea client but would like to know what is effective for you in marketing MBSR.

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Hi Jude,
I think this is a very interesting topic. I have been working as a freelance Mindfulness practitioner and the marketing aspect in the freelancing world is really important. If you allow me to recommend a resource that I have found really useful in that regard is the advise given by Ramit Sethi. There’s especially one video I would highly recommend you watch. I learned a lot from it even when it’s focused in a different industry than Mindfulness. Here’s the link:

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Hi Jose, Thank you so much for the resource! All the best to you!!

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Here’s is an article describing the demographics of mindfulness practitioners in the US - from the National Health Survey.

Olano2016 US adults engagement in mindfulness practice.pdf (84.7 KB)

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You’re welcome Jude!

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Thank you Willoughby!

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Thanks for sharing, I will look into it as well.

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