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I liked how Saki briefly in circle discussion mentioned marketing MBSR challenges. I am working my business in all traditional marketing 101 ways that one should but I would like to open discussion up to marketing ideas. Maybe a marketing material platform portal, similar to what Mindful Schools offers teachers. Quite a bit of the material I have is outdated. Ideas, thoughts?


I think that’s a wonderful idea, Gina, as a toolkit of resources that have a consistent and proven track record, while adhering to the integrity of the MBSR program, and helping new teachers be successful. That is what I hear most often, the question, “How do I set up a website?” for example.


I am in the process of designing/implementing/rolling out a MIndfulness Program in a state agency. Looking for scientific evidence/research articles that show that mindfulness practice positively impacts anxiety, high blood pressure, those with diabetes…trying to get buy-in using multicultural marketing. Is anyone aware of any such scientific studies which I can access? Thanks!


Hi Khansh,

You could have a look at the American Mindfulness Research Association data-base. You will have to pay to become a member but you will have access to a lot of articles.

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I have been approached to teach MBSR at local community College and looking to market program to businesses in the area. While there is an established rate to charge for MBSR program for participants I am at a loss of what I can charge if someone is supplying the people, space, advertising etc and I just need to teach! This is my dream but I want to be reimbursed fairly. Look forward to comments.


I also teach a community class…I do a combination of things. Usually a joint venture agreement. Does MBSR oasis offer a marketing/biz course for our industry…I don’t know, I’ve been doing this awhile. Feel free to call me. 4152724160-Gina

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Thanks to all that helped me with my question. I was able to negotiate a fee that was more reasonable. I appreciate this community we’re we feel free to ask those tough questions and allow ourselves to be vulnerable-

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Hi Debra, it was a pleasure speak with you and I’m so glad you reconnected with the community college.

If I have any questions would it be ok if I give you a call Gina?