MBSR Fundamentals July 15th Ride to Omega Institute

I am looking for a way to get to the Omega Institute from Laguardia airport Sunday, July 15th. Does anyone know of a shuttle service? I will have to be at Omega Institute before 12pm. Thanks!

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I am also attending this - and will be flying in from LaGuardia July 14 th , I will look into the shuttle service and look into a group fee reduction, does this help? - Priscilla

I am attending as well, and am interested in finding out more about shuttle service.
I’m also curious about host hotel. Is there one?

Hi Kevin, I’m Priscilla- Coming in from Texas.
There are hotels near Rhinebeck or near the airports . Did you call Omega and situate your housing for the 9 days?

Hi Priscilla,
Coming in from Vancouver, BC, myself.
I emailed Oasis to see if there is a host hotel.
That was just this a.m., so I’ll give them some time to get back to me.
Thanks for the response,

I will be coming in from JFK, landing at 7:00 a.m. on the 15th. Would anyone like to ride share from there?

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I was planning on flying into Albany. However, it there is a way for all of us to rideshare from JFK or LGA or EWR, Im in.

I’ll be coming up from Baltimore; if there are other B’more attendees, I’d love to ride to/from with you?

If not, I’d be happy to pitch in for a ride from Omega to NYC on the 24th. Omega’s coach won’t be running that day.

And, failing all of these, maybe I could hitch a ride to Kingston on the 24th? Then I could bus down from Kingston. :)

I am currently checking the flights from Singapore to NY. It seems like the earliest flight to reach JFK airport is about 9 am. Can anyone advice if there is sufficient time to get to Omega Institute by 12 noon if the flight lands on Sunday, 15 July 9 am? Not sure how long it takes to clear the US custom.

Or should I reach NY before 15 Jul?

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Hi priscilla, I’m coming from Dallas, TX myself I will be staying with a friend in Rhinebeck and would love to share riding to and from the workshop with someone else in Rhinebeck. I might rent a car, but it would be great to share that expense with someone else!

Where are you coming from? Where will you be staying?


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I too will be attending, flying into Laguardia Sunday, July 15th and looking to go to the Omega Institute before 12pm. It’s all so coincidental. Stephanie, we should share a ride together for sure. Maybe you could tie a balloon to your arm or wear a hat with a big feather so you will be easier to meet up with.

Suzanne, Hello! I’ll be staying in Mt. Tremper, NY, about 40 minutes west of Rhinebeck. If I were to bus into Rhinebeck, perhaps we could catch a taxi together from R’beck to Omega?

Hi Shannon,

I hadn’t thought about taking a taxi from Rhinebeck. I wonder how much it
would cost? let’s do some sleuthing.

I am thinking about renting a car, so perhaps you could share in the cost
of that with me?

Are you going too be in Kingston? where?


I will be going to Philly on the 24th. Perhaps we could share a ride down to Philly and you could keep going to Baltimore?

Hi there,

I"m going to look into a taxi price from Rhinebeck. maybe cheaper than
renting a car?
let me know what you think.

How will you be getting to Rhinebeck at such an early hour to get to Omega
for 6am starts? wow!


Hi priscilla,

I land at Laguardia on July 14th at 7 pm. I will be taking a shuttle to Penn Station and then the train to Rhinebeck that night. Seems like that is the best way to get there. do you have any other ideas?


As I mentioned above, I will be arriving at JFK at 7:00 a.m. I called Omega, and I have decided to use the taxi/limo service in the hope that someone else arriving at JFK (Swee Guan Koh, perhaps) will be able to split it with me. Omega informed me that from JFK, the transfer will be around US$190. Considering taxi to Amtrack, followed by Amtrack is already around US$100, I figured, the taxi service sounds better.

Anyone else arriving around the same time at JFK?

Dear Suzanne, Good Morning. :)

In response to your questions:

  1. I’ll be in Mt. Tremper at Zen Mountain Monastery (ZMM) for two days before Omega begins.
  2. If you want to rent a car, rather than taxi, would you be willing to pick me up from ZMM? Otherwise it may not make as much sense for me, as I’ll have to bus from ZMM to Rhinebeck to meet you. In any case, let’s consider costs for all scenarios. :)
  3. When you say “Share a ride to Philly”, what do you have in mind? I was planning on bussing from Rhinebeck to NY, then NY to Baltimore.
  4. Regarding your question about start time, my schedule says that I need to arrive at Omega Sunday, 15JUL at 1230. What time do you plan to arrive?

Happy Thursday!

Hi Shannon,

I have a few thoughts. It might make sense for us to talk on the phone. my cell phone is 214-321-9822. if you tell me yours, I’m happy to call you as well.

  1. I could happily pick you up one time in Mt. Tremper, Sunday morning. Yes, we need to be there at 12:30 to check in. Will you be staying at Omega the whole time? I am staying with a friend the whole time in Rhinebeck, so I will be driving each day to and from Omega.
    But it sounds like you will be just needing a ride that one day. You could just chip in for something cheaper than it would have cost you to ride the bus and take a taxi. I would love for someone to defray the cost of my car rental. my husband cannot believe the money I’m spending to get to and from Omega – plane, bus, car…

  2. As for leaving, I too was planning to take a bus from Rhinebeck to NYC then Philly. I could look into renting a car, but I also was wondering if anyone from our program would be driving in that direction and we could hitch a ride. that may not become apparent until we get there. I have often found those things work out well, once I’m at Omega.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to meeting you!



Actually I will be taking the shuttle to Grand Central and then a bus to Rhinebeck. It costs $29 for the bus. Shuttle is $16, I think.