Mindfulness in the workplace & Contracts

I have provided mindfulness trainings to several businesses and have the possible opportunity to provide the 8 week MBSR class to a local business. Does anyone have sample contracts for providing mindfulness to corporations? Any resources are greatly appreciated!

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My MBSR teacher, Paulette Graf, teaches MBSR to corporate settings (in addition to community settings) in Manhattan. [http://www.mindfulnessmeditationnyc.com/mbsr-nyc-teachers/paulette-graf] You can probably email her and see if she can share her experience/wisdom with you. (paulette.graf@hotmail.com)

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Hi Yinhsu,

Thank you for sending me Paulette’s information.

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Hi Jude,

Have you had any luck finding a contract for use in business? I am embarking on training for 1200 employees.

Can you share any contracts you found or any info.

I would really appreciate it!

Thanks Tina

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Hi Tina,

We are in the planning phase currently and things have moved slower than anticipated. Once I have a contract I will be happy to share. I guess the contract that we do have is the behavioral health agency we work for presently. They have asked us to provide training to as many willing participants in the agency as possible and to collect data on the results so we can use this information to make a case to other companies.

Best wishes on your training for 1200 employees. Sounds exciting! How many employees will you train at a time? How did you land this training?

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Just wanted some ideas as to how I can provide groups in the family counselling centre where I work in Canada. I work with low income as well as EAP client’s. Any idea around course content etc.?


Hi Pawan,

I have not perused any contracts as the building phase has taken longer than expected. I do have 12 hours a week devoted to developing a program and we are going to start providing services to employees at the agency I work for soon. We are doing to do some in person training and some online training to reach folks who live further away. Sorry I don’t have any specifics on contracts and I wish you all the best!! Once I do have a contract with an outside agency, I will be sure to share it here. Kind regards,