New 9-day?

I deferred (was supposed to go to Omega). I know one is starting right now in Ramapo, but when and where are the next ones? My life necessitates serious planning (and then of course that ends up not mattering–but at least I proceed with my intention until everything gets messed up). Also, I hear it’s possible to do the 5 day and the 4 day parts separately. With a young one at home, that’s best for me, but I’m not sure how it works. Please advise. Thank you.

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Hi, Mary,

Thanks for your question here. I understand about planning ahead, and for now, we’re able to schedule things and then promote them with the turnaround times that you’ll see us giving. That often means announcing programs with 3-4 months notice. We know it would be better and easier if we could give more advance notice. Please accept my apology for not being able to provide that. If you are planning to complete the MBSR Fundamentals in the 9-day format, it must be done over the complete 9 days. People do sometimes come to the 5-Day Mindfulness Tools program to complete part of the pre-requisite for the teacher pathway. If they then come to start with MBSR Fundamentals, they still must complete the full 9-day format.

I hope this helps.
All the best,

I do want to do the 9-Day, as originally planned prior to my deferral. Is there a way to make sure I find out asap which days (January, ironically, is already pretty busy)? If I were one of those people who believed in “signs from the universe” I would absolutely say I’m not meant to do this, as I have literally had years of obstacles. But I really do want to do it, so I shall persist!

Thanks, Mary, keep following your heart. You’ll hear about upcoming programs if you have registered to receive our emails. We look forward to meeting you one day. All the best, Margaret

Thanks, Margaret. I actually didn’t get an email but I did look on the site and now see the January dates, which I already know are a problem (my anniversary and a wedding are the 11th and 12th, but I’m a woman obsessed! If I have been accepted and had to defer, what does the application process look like. Is it different?

Check with the Oasis folks on that, they will be able to say how to move forward depending on where you are at with them right now. Thanks for your ongoing interest and support!