Non-Profit MBSR Programs

Hello all!

I am a part of the Charlotte Center for Mindfulness and we are looking into the possibility of either becoming a non-profit or asking a non-profit to allow us to have “pass-through” status, which means we have non-profit status but maintain autonomy for an agreed upon percentage. We like the idea of a pass-through. Please provide any information on your successes, insights, and challenges that you have faced in becoming a non-profit or operating under pass-through status.

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Jude Johnson, MA, LMFT

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I am in rural East TN and am also interested in forming a non profit which would include but not be limited to MBSR classes. I would appreciate this information as well!

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Hi Jude, I just finished a meeting with a fiscal sponsor for this very topic. Most want you to have a sustainable non-profit up and running first with reserves in the bank and then they will be the agent for you with about a 15% take. its a whole different animal than being for profit by far. Interesting conversation for me, my next step is to chat with my attorney and get some feedback. love to know what you find out as well.

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Hi Gina,

I am sorry for my slow reply. We have not discovered much at this point. We are in talks with a non-profit to consider joining their umbrella but the process is moving slow for us. I am not sure what % they will want at this point but I am happy to pass on more information as it comes available.

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