Pre & Post Evaluation & Home Practice Manual Available?

  1. Is there an electronic version of an evaluation form available for use that MBSR participants can fill out BOTH before and after the 8-week program? I’d like to start tracking progress of my own classes. (For instance - to see how participants improved in stress resiliency over the 8 weeks)

  2. At the 5-Day Mindfulness Tools course I took in Ft. Lauderdale last month (as part of the 9-day teacher training practicum), there was a spiral bound Home Practice Manual that was handed out to participants. It included the 9 Dots Exercise, Pleasant/Unpleasant Events calendar, yoga poses, and the stress reaction cycle diagrams. Is this something that is available electronically for us to print, bind and distribute to our classes?

Thank you,
Allison Peet

Hi Allison,

Good questions! Here are some pointers for answers…

The pre- and post-program instruments we used to use are now all online as part of INDRA-M, the international database. You’re raising a good question, though. I can look into this for trainees–but I suggest you also consider what you are trying to measure and see if you can find something online (or create it), yourself. We can get quite enamored of research and also have to weigh out what we’re actually trying to get at and how to do that best. I’m going to inquire more with Dr. Jud Brewer, our director of research. (And also–to the best of my knowledge, our instruments do not include one for stress resiliency.)

Regarding the workbook: You can purchase a workbook from the CFM website, using the pdf form. It’s old fashioned–you’ve got to send in a check or fax the form in with a credit card number. You can also try calling the Center’s main number and seeing if Beverly or Jean can help you. You are welcome to copy those pages for your classes, but please cite them appropriately as materials from the CFM, and originally from Jon Kabat-Zinn. If you have a workbook, you can use the information there for the citation.

Hope this is helpful, Allison.



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Hi Lynn,
I am starting to teach again, and reviewing my materials. Could you help direct me to the workbook you mentioned above? I can’t seem to find it on the CfM website yet.

All the very best to you!

Zac Kamenetz

Hi, Zac,

Sorry for the delay, just seeing this. If you’re still interested, could you send an email to and ask if the workbooks are still available for purchase? I believe that’s the best way to get a direct answer. All the best, Margaret