Teacher Training Dates SR401 or Tools 2019

Hello, I’ve been checking the website for dates this spring and summer but all it says is TBA. 2019. Does anyone have any updates? I’d like to start my teacher training. I’ve completed the pre-req.


Hi Stacey - I too have been checking for the start date hoping to see it updated. I may email them this week to ask and will let you know what I find out.

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Hi Karlene and Stacey – I am in the same boat, eager to get started with teacher training, and would love to hear what you find out!


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I am prepared to begin training, as well, and am eager to learn what modules are going to be available soon. I’m looking to be kept in the loop, too. Be well!


I’ve sent an email, but have not hear back. Can someone update the group on when new courses will be starting?

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I also have been awaiting communication for about a month about upcoming trainings. I appreciate any and all updates if someone was able to get some information. Thank you,