Teacher Training Dates SR401 or Tools 2019

Hello, I’ve been checking the website for dates this spring and summer but all it says is TBA. 2019. Does anyone have any updates? I’d like to start my teacher training. I’ve completed the pre-req.


Hi Stacey - I too have been checking for the start date hoping to see it updated. I may email them this week to ask and will let you know what I find out.

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Hi Karlene and Stacey – I am in the same boat, eager to get started with teacher training, and would love to hear what you find out!


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I am prepared to begin training, as well, and am eager to learn what modules are going to be available soon. I’m looking to be kept in the loop, too. Be well!


I’ve sent an email, but have not hear back. Can someone update the group on when new courses will be starting?

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I also have been awaiting communication for about a month about upcoming trainings. I appreciate any and all updates if someone was able to get some information. Thank you,

Hello, I am new here. How do we sign up for courses? I don’t see an application!


I’m looking for the same. Would like to apply for 401. Not sure where to find the link.

Please let me know

Thank you
Sujatha Samynathan

Hi there! I was also wondering about beginning training, so I emailed CFM and they emailed me back! Here is what they said:

Thank you for your inquiry. Over the past couple of months, the Center for Mindfulness has moved from UMass Medical School to UMass Memorial Health Care.

With the transition from UMMS to UMMHC we will not be offering Professional Training of MBSR teachers for the foreseeable future. We will soon be announcing a collaboration with Brown Mindfulness Center to certify teachers who were part of the way through our training track when the transition occurred, as well as new teachers seeking to enter the training pathway. You can learn more about that at this link:


So off to Brown University we go! :)

There is also excellent training in London at Bangor University:

Just another option! Good luck everyone!

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Hi, Brenda and others,

We also want to make sure you’re aware of another option. Rebecca Eldridge and Margaret Fletcher have opened East Coast Mindfulness as a way to continue to offer MBSR teacher training. We would love to stay connected with those who trained with us at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and we’d love to meet new friends as well.

We are offering a fully online training pathway, whether you are brand new to teaching or continuing a pathway you have already started. Our training represents the best of what was offered at the CFM as well as important enhancements around one-to-one mentorship, environmental awareness and accessibility. It also supports teachers who wish to move right into teaching, with direct support, immediately after the initial training course. To learn more, please visit: https://www.eastcoastmindfulness.com/Programs/Train-to-Teach-MBSR/

And don’t hesitate to email us at rebecca@eastcoastmindfulness.com and margaret@eastcoastmindulness.com.

All the best,
Rebecca and Margaret

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