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How can I participate in the community?

We’re glad you’re here and welcome your contributions!

How do I include a PDF or other attachment in my post?

  • Start composing a new topic or reply
  • Click the upload button:

  • Find a file on your computer and click upload:

  • Watch it upload
  • Save the post or topic
  • You may also drag and drop a file or paste an image from your clipboard directly into the editing window

How do I access my profile, private messages, and preferences?

  • Click on your user icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on your selection.

How can I upload a custom profile photo?

  • Open your Preferences by accessing your user menu in the upper right of your screen

  • Scroll down to the Profile Picture section, then click the pencil shaped Edit icon:

  • Then,

  1. Click the buttons to “Add a custom picture”

  2. Select and upload a picture from your computer.

  3. Click “Save your changes”

How can I search for content and user profiles?

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

  • As you type your search query results will continue to update

  • Click on any results of interest

  • If you’re reading a topic and would like to restrict your search to look only within the current conversation, click the check box

  • To see additional matches, click on the Show More arrow at the bottom of the search results.

How can I change which emails I receive?

Follow these instructions to access your preferences, then scroll down to the Email section:

Be sure to click Save Changes when you’re finished.

How do I access a private room?

Access to a few parts of cfmHOME is limited to existing members of certain groups (such as MBSR Teachers).

  • If you have an Access Code for a particular room, you may redeem it at any time to unlock ongoing access to the room. To do this, sign in to your account then click the link in your user menu in the upper right corner of your screen

  • If have an access code, but don’t already have a cfmHOME account, follow these instructions to sign up and enter your access code when prompted during the sign up.

  • Once you’ve redeemed your access code (you only need to do this one time), make sure you’re signed in, then visit the categories page and scroll down until you see your private room.

  • If don’t have a code but would like to request access to a private room, please visit, sign into your account (or sign up for an account), scroll down until you see the room of interest, then click on the “Request Access” button

  • You’ll then see a popup with an opportunity to make your access request; you’ll be notified by email if your request is approved, generally within 24-48 hours. If for some reason your request isn’t approved promptly, please feel free to submit another request or contact us for assistance.

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How do I reply to a post?

  • To reply to the overall topic, use the Reply button at the very bottom of the page.

  • To reply to a specific post, use the Reply button on that post.

  • To take the conversation in a different direction, but keep them linked together, use Reply as linked Topic at the top right of the post.

  • To quote someone in your reply, select the text you wish to quote, then press any Reply button.

  • To ping someone in your reply, mention their name. Type @ and an autocompleter will pop up.

  • For standard Emoji, just start typing : or the traditional smileys :) :smile:

Please see the Discourse Intro for a quick guide to more of the discussion forum’s basic actions and features.

How do I start a new conversation topic?

  • To start a brand-new topic, click the [New Topic] button at the top right of any category (categories are the colored boxes such as “Welcome”)

  • then enter a descriptive title and (optionally) choose an appropriate sub-category.

  • Once you’ve finished writing your new post, click the blue [New Topic] button to publish it:

  • To start a new topic that’s related to the current discussion (but takes the conversation in a different direction), click on the [Reply as linked Topic] link which appears at the top right of a post when hovering over it:

  • Finally, we might also suggest first trying the search feature to see if a similar topic already exists to which you might want to add.

How do I mention another member in a post?

While composing a post or message, type a @ and pause for a moment and you will see a popup list of community members. Start typing the first few letters of the person’s username and then press enter. A reference to that person’s profile will be inserted into the post and that user will receive a notification of the mention the next time he or she signs in (and possibly by email, depending on the user’s preferences).

How can I send a private message?

Click on a member’s picture or initial icon and a popup will appear with information about that person, including a button to send a Private Message.

When and where will I receive notifications?

Keep an eye on the notification icon in the upper right corner of the site. When someone replies to your post, quotes your post, or mentions your @username, a number will immediately appear at the top right of the page.

Click on it to access your notifications:

about private messages, replies to my posts, and other events?

How do I like, share, flag, or bookmark a post?

There are action buttons at the bottom of each post.

To let someone know that you enjoyed their post, use the heart-shaped like button. You can also share a link to a post (using the chain-shaped icon). If you see a problem with a post, you can let the moderators know about it with the flag button, or reach out privately to the person who posted. You may also bookmark a post for later reference on your User Page.

To learn more about the discussion forum’s basic actions and features, please see the Discourse Intro.

How can I get a larger area for composing topics and replies?

The editing window is vertically expandable, by clicking on this “handle” at the top of the window

and horizontally expandable by clicking the “hide preview” link at the bottom right.

How do I sign up for a cfmHOME account?

  • Visit our sign up page.

  • Choose one of the sign-up methods: Facebook or email address

  • If you choose Facebook authentication (which saves you from typing in your personal details and having to manage a new password for cfmHOME), then simply click [Okay] when asked to permit cfmHOME to access your profile. (Please note that this does not permit us to post anything to your profile or timeline).

  • Enter and verify your user information:

  • If you happen to have an optional access code, be sure to redeem it now:

  • Read and accept the terms of service:

  • Click the [Sign Up] button and then check your email inbox for the Account Activation message that we just sent you. If you don’t receive this email within a few minutes, follow this link to re-send it.

  • In the email, click the [Activate Account] button:

  • You’ll then be automatically signed in and taken to the welcome page.

  • Congratulations, your account is now ready to use!

  • Now, just click one of the links to visit the Community and participate in the discussion. Welcome aboard!

How can I update the information shown in my public profile?

When a user’s small profile photo is clicked, a “user card” will pop up with information about that person (and the opportunity to send her or him a private message).

If you’d like to add information to your user card (e.g. a short biographical sketch), you can follow these instructions to access your preferences , and then add text to the “About me” section or upload a file to the “User Card Background” section.

How can I follow the activity in a particular category or topic?

  • To get notified about activity within an entire category, click on this button in the upper right corner of a category’s topic list:

  • To follow or unfollow an individual topic, click on this button at the bottom of a topic:

What is the user menu and how do I open it?

  • The user menu allows you to sign out, access your account settings, and redeem access codes.

  • To open the menu, point to or click on your username in the upper right of the page:

  • To open the menu while using a device with a smaller screen, just click on the menu icon in the upper right:

How do I update my account settings (e.g. name, username, or email address)?

  • Open the user menu in the upper right of your screen

  • Click on [Account Settings]

  • Be sure to click on the [Update] button if you make any changes